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We have a history of performance and achievement through dedication to the sport, dog and handler! 


The Schutzhund club was originally founded by Mike Hamilton in 1980. We became a full United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USCA) club in 1981. 

In 2005 we changed our club's name to OG Indianapolis Schutzhund und Polizei. We are afforded the opportunity to train at a couple outstanding fields and locations in the Indianapolis area.  This allows us to also provide different environmental stimulation to younger club dogs in preparation for the trial atmosphere.
Over the past years, the OG Indy Schutzhund und Polizei club has hosted over 40 Schutzhund trials, multiple regional championships and 3 national championships. Our members have proudly represented our club with regional, national and international championships. We are very proud of our heritage and our members. The one thing that has always remained consistent is a fun atmosphere and excellent dog training.

Enjoy our website and feel free to contact us about visiting on a training day!

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