The Dogs of Alyssa Pisano

Mason's Paws BH
  • 2013 AWMA Championship

  • Hardest hitting competition at the “Chicago Dog Sport Festival 2013” 3rd Place

Meet Alyssa Pisano and her Malinois Paws.  Alyssa is 12 years old and from Indiana.   Her dog, Paws, is a narcotics K9 and hadn't ever had any titles.   Alyssa isn't sure how but she and Paws have great chemistry and she is an excellent handler.  She and Paws are working on IPO titles and they will be competing at the American Working Malinois Championship November 15th through the 17th.  Good luck Alyssa!

Alyssa represents the future of all K9 sports and service dogs. It's refreshing to see a club, parents, and grouchy-weathered-dog-people take the time to help ensure the future of working dogs and working dog sports.  Wayne Singleton and Angie Stark of Sweetcorn Kennels nominated her and she's being encouraged by her mom and O.G. Indy.  All of those people deserve recognition and a beer.  If you see them, buy them a beer.  For the record, don't buy Alyssa a beer... she's 12.  Buy her a coke or a Gatorade or something.