The Dogs of Sean O'Kane

Sean O'Kane has trained and titled several dogs, including German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Giant Schnauzers. Meet his personal dogs!

SV-Max Ze Stribrneho Kamene SchH3, IPO3, AD, KKL 1
  • 2013 WUSV Pennsylvania, USA 11th place

  • 2013 FCI Czech Republic 19th place

  • 2013 Qualification Trail Ohio, USA 5th place

  • 2013 AWDF Championship Bowling Green 1st place

  • 2013 Working Dog Championship Iowa, USA 3rd place

  • 2012 USA Nationals 8th placed

  • 2012 WUSV Steyr, Austria 14th place

  • 2012 FCI Hungary 39th place

  • 2012 WUSV Qualification Trial Champion 1st place

  • 2012 Working Dog Championship 8th place

  • 2011 USA National Champion Kansas, USA  1st place

  • 2011 FCI WM Rheine, Germany 34th place

  • 2011 AWDF Championship Kentucky, USA  3rd place

  • 2010 USA National Champion Nevada, USA 1st place

  • 2010 FCI WM Finland 92nd place

  • 2010 AWDF Championship Indiana, USA 3rd place


“The OG Indy club has a very strong work ethic. Our members are friendly & dedicated people wanting to learn and willing to help others in whatever capacity they desire.

-Carolyn Daniel


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